About us

The story

It all started when I attended a training course at our company in 2013. Back then I was working in sales at a global sports company. The textile engineers explained the technical components of the textiles to us. I was completely amazed at how much development and high-tech went into fabrics. Ultimately, everything revolved around optimal cooling and ventilation, combined with the highest possible wearing comfort for the athlete with the ultimate goal - to be able to provide the best possible performance.

Back then I was already wondering why there is no such thing as highly functional clothing for everyday use ?!
Have you ever run onto the train or bus at 30 degrees, stuck in an overheated office, or spent a few hours on the dance floor?
Well you know what i mean :)

This is how the idea and the vision came about
"Functional clothing for everyday life"
Always under the condition top design and top quality!

I would like to bring the ingenious functional textiles from the sports world into everyday life for you - for optimal wearing comfort - every day - at any time!

Stephan Noser, Vaduz