Made in EU.

Best quality - our minimum requirement

Our demands on quality and workmanship have the highest priority. The entire added value of our products takes place in Europe. Short distances and flawless communication with our professional partners guarantee products of the highest quality!

100% Swiss Textile

Our high-tech textile comes 100% from Switzerland and is manufactured using the most modern industrial facilities. Textile technology is also developed and tested in Switzerland.

bluesign - OEKO-TEX®

For the sake of the environment

Our textiles are 100% bluesign® approved and are certified according to Ökotex Standard 100. We also produce according to STeP by OEKO-TEX®.

The careful use of our resources is particularly important to us. In everything we do, we pay attention to our environment.

Innovation meets

Our features

Our shirts and blouses are equipped with various technologies and functions to ensure a high feel-good factor.

Water / dirt repellent

With our nanotechnology, water and dirt simply roll off the outside of the textile.

moisture wicking

Moisture that occurs when you sweat is quickly absorbed by the inside of the textile and transported away from the body. Due to the large-area distribution, the moisture can evaporate quickly and thus dries much faster than conventional textiles.


The slightly porous surface offers optimal ventilation.

cooling effect

When you sweat, the moisture evaporates close to the body, which supports the body's natural cooling function.


Silver particles are built into the fibers, which reduce the growth of bacteria and inhibit microbial odor development, such as the smell of sweat. The skin flora is not affected.

Reduced sweat stains

With our hydrophilic technology, sweat is transported away from the body and distributed over a large area. This hydrophobic layer also prevents moisture from escaping. Unpleasant stains are therefore hardly visible from the outside.

Adjustable collar

With the adjustable and patented collar system you get up to 20mm more space. Take a deep breath and enjoy optimum comfort. (only for the shirts)

Easy care and non-iron

you will love it The shirts come out of the washing machine almost dry. Simply wash at 30 - 40 degrees (up to 60 degrees possible), hang up briefly and wear! There are hardly any creases even while wearing.

UV protection

With our textile finish, a UPF of 30 is guaranteed without affecting the feel or the look.

4-way stretch

Due to the special manufacturing process, our textile offers a slight stretch which contributes significantly to the comfort and the pleasant wearing comfort.


Clothing can become statically charged due to friction, dryness and other causes.
We have incorporated a "lightning bolt" made of metal thread on the inside of the button placket. Any charge can thus be derived.